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IMPORTANT: If your item asks for measurements, PLEASE check the ‘Measurements‘ section of this website for detailed instructions and contact us if you have any questions before placing your order!

Truck Belts: 4-6 weeks
Radio Straps, Suspenders: 6 weeks
Mask Covers, Light Straps, Squad Belts, Dog Collars: 4 weeks
Glove Straps, Chinstraps, Facepiece QR’s, Boxlight/Tool Loops: 1-2 weeks
HRD’s, FE Wedges, Stickers, Leather Care Products: NO WAIT

These times are our best estimates for production and delivery. Depending on current order volume your item may arrive slightly earlier or later. We will reach out to customers directly if a significant delay (2+ weeks) is expected. We ask for your patience while we complete your order as most items are handcrafted individually. Thank you!

Once you place an order for a custom item, you will receive a confirmation email with your details and your order will be marked as Awaiting Processing. The order will be reviewed by the staff and you will be contacted if there are any concerns. Once it has been reviewed it will be marked as Details Approved/Order Queued. One of our leathersmiths will then take the order when it comes up in the queue and change the status one last time to In Progress by Leathersmith. The final notification you receive will be Shipped along with tracking information.

Customized Leather Gift Cards

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Looking for a unique gift? Want to order leather for someone but don't know their measurements or exact needs? Our customized gift cards are a great option for a couple reasons!

First, you get to give that special person something truly customized with your own message or design. Once they've placed their order, they still get to keep the card which is a gift unto itself. Unlike generic plastic cards, this is a crafted item, made just for them.

Second, it allows them to order their item just the way they want it, without concern that you might get the wrong thing or get the measurements incorrect. You get to preserve the surprise, give them something tangible and meaningful to open, and they get exactly what they want.

Basic cards are 6" wide by 4" high with the Fire Dog Leatherworks name, nicely designed borders. You can include any text or message you want so long as it fits within the card.

If you're looking for something even more unique, we can work with you on a more elaborate design for the card with border stitching or other special features. Just contact us and let us know what you're thinking or select the "Highly Customized" option and provide us the details with your order.

Of course, we also offer standard emailed gift cards for those who do not need a leather one.

If you have any questions, want a custom dollar amount, or want a card exceeding $300, please give us a call or send us an email so we can assist you.

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Every item is unique because every item is created by hand. All items are crafted using traditional tools and techniques.


We only use high quality leather tanned in the US using domestic livestock. Our latigo leather resists moisture and heat like few others.


Our items are built to work hard. They look good but the first priority is always to function and make your job easier.