Item Options


Our standard leather is premium glazed harness. There are no corners cut here, it’s some of the best quality leather money can buy. It comes in many different colors, all drum-dyed at the tannery. When you order most standard items such as Radio Straps, Suspenders, Tool Belts, etc; this is the leather they are crafted from.

Some items are either listed as “Traditional” or have the option for “Traditional” latigo. This is the leather we started with and it remains in such high demand we continue to offer it as an option. The biggest difference is that the Traditional is loaded with tallows and waxes from the tannery. This creates a supremely durable, handsome leather that will resist sweat, water and heat. Because of the heavy oils, it is resistant to the customization our standard leather offers. Stamping will accept black dye but paints will not adhere to it well. Make no mistake, the Traditional latigo has incredible properties that make it very well suited to firefighter gear but it highly limits our ability to customize it.

Either leather will provide you a durable and functional item that will last forever if cared for.

Mask Covers are made from Hermann Oak Veg-Tanned leather that is oil-dyed to customer specifications.

We sometimes have unique specialty leathers as limited offerings in certain products. Some examples are Buffalo, Kangaroo or Patent Gloss leathers. Whenever an offering deviates from our prized Harness or Latigos, we make sure to let the customer know.


We stock a number of special stamps which can be embossed and optionally painted if desired depending on the item. We can make custom stamps if you do not see a design you like here. Either select the option while ordering your item or contact us directly if you have questions. This list is continually updated as we add new stamps.

Flag Stamps

  • US Flag
  • US Flag with Axe
  • ALL State Flags
  • Wichita Flag
  • Tricolor Flag – Vertical Bars (Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, etc.)
  • Tricolor Flag – Horizontal Bars (Russia, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, etc.)
  • Canadian Flag
  • UK Flag

Rank Stamps

  • 5 Bugles Chief
  • 4 Bugles Chief
  • 3 Bugles Chief
  • 2 Bugles Chief
  • Captain’s 2 Bugles
  • Lieutenant’s Bugle

Maltese Cross Stamps

  • Plain Maltese Cross
  • “FD” Maltese
  • IAFF Maltese Cross
  • Thin Red Line Maltese

Special Training Stamps

  • NFPA HAZMAT Diamond
  • Star of Life
  • Caduceus Symbol
  • Axe & Halligan
  • “Jaws of Life”

Symbolic Stamps

  • Charity Ribbon
  • Spartan Helmet
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • 3-Leaf Clover
  • 4-Leaf Clover
  • Skull & Crossbones
  • Wolf/Dog Paw Print


FONT OPTIONS (Mask Covers Only)

This is our current font offering. If you have a special request, please include the details with your order.


This is where old school leather and new technology meet. We can laser engrave custom designs directly on your item. Laser engravings usually can’t be painted (depends on the complexity/size of the design) but they allow for tremendous detail to be transferred to the leather. Here are some ideas of what we can do:

  • Department Patches
  • Company Patches or Logos
  • Badges
  • Simplified Photos
  • Family Crests
  • …almost anything.

Most designs can be easily adapted for engraving. We offer artwork services if you have something in mind but don’t have a source. Call or email us if you have any questions or want us to verify that your design can be transferred. Please email all artwork to: [email protected]