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Truck Belts: 4-6 weeks
Radio Straps, Suspenders: 6 weeks
Mask Covers, Light Straps, Squad Belts, Dog Collars: 4 weeks
Glove Straps, Chinstraps, Facepiece QR’s, Boxlight/Tool Loops: 1-2 weeks
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Free Swivel Tool Holster

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**Truck Belt NOT included, please order separately. Compatible with previously purchased FDL Truck Belts.**

Our Free Swivel Tool Holster is custom tailored to your tool of choice. It comes in two parts; a baseplate attached to our Truck Belt or another tool belt and the holster that stays attached to your tool and is removable. This allows you to don the belt early on with the option of keeping your tool disconnected until dismounting the rig. Alternatively, you can keep it connected at all times and don the belt and tool together.

Accidentally disconnecting the holster is impossible as it requires two movements (forwards and backwards) to be unlocked. This means crawling or climbing is no issue even if the tool handle is directly pushed on.

The holster is based off our popular drop-forged Heavy D-Ring from our Truck Belts. The baseplate and swivel is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for longevity while remaining lightweight. Accessing the tool is lightning quick. Pulling the front flap up, disconnects the hard-action snaps and gives access to the tool. Likewise, the tool can be restowed in the Heavy D-Ring to go hands free again. You can add a 3" Straight or Angled Ring to the front flap for even easier access with gloved hands.

We set the snaps to whichever Primary Tool you select from the list for a snug fit. If you have a special request, please contact us and we'll see if we're able to accommodate you. Optionally, we can add a second set of snaps sized for a different tool allowing you to switch between carrying different ones. For example: a longer set for a Pig tool and a shorter set for a 6lb axe.

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